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Developmental Program

The Developmental Program provides in-home services to families of children under three years of age who are at risk of a developmental delay or who are experiencing a developmental delay in one or more of the major Developmental Domains (see Early Start eligibility).

Typically the program consists of weekly home visits designed to support caregivers in identifying and enhancing everyday experiences that promote development in the Developmental Domain of need.

Current research shows that it is the everyday experiences of families that do most to support a child’s learning and development. Therefore, early intervention’s focus should be on the enhancement of existing everyday experiences as the crucial factor in encouraging learning and addressing a child’s specific developmental needs.

Our Developmental Specialists work with caregivers as partners to support a child’s movement through the crucial domains of child development to maximize the developmental potential of the child. As Developmental Specialists we are experts in supporting children and families in fostering healthy development. However, caregivers are experts in their own children. Consequently, it is the goal of home visits to combine professional expertise with caregiver expertise to design and enhance developmental experiences that maximize a child’s development.