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Family Support Program

The Family Support Program is designed for children 3-5 years old who are experiencing challenges to their development and their adaptive skills. Through an individualized program, each family will have opportunities to gain support in their everyday experiences both in the community and at home.

Participation in small group community events and routine based interventions may be used to support each child and family’s needs.

In-Home Support
Our goal is to partner with families to create everyday experiences that enhance areas of identified developmental need. As a child’s ability and desire to participate in everyday experiences increases, so does the opportunity for learning.

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Family Support Specialists and Program Managers create individualized goals and outcomes with each family based on their specific needs and family concerns.

Parent Infant Programs will coach, model, practice, and reflect with your family in order to make progress on desired outcomes and increase caregiver competence and confidence.

The Family Support Program’s goal is to enhance the child’s ability to participate more fully in family life, school and community.

Community Support

The community support aspect of the program focuses on helping your child access everyday experiences outside of your family’s home.

Caregivers of children who are experiencing challenges to their development often benefit from strategies to connect successfully with their community.