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Philosophy & Purpose


Parent Infant Programs supports caregivers in maximizing their child’s development through enhanced participation in everyday experiences within their family and community.

Key Principles of Early Intervention



The philosophy of the Program views caregivers not as a partner, but as the leader/executive of the strategies used.  The caregiver is in control of all project direction and the setting of goals.  We share a deep commitment to normalizing the relationships, attitudes, goals and expectations among caregivers, families, professionals and the very young child. 

Parent Infant Programs feels strongly that it is the relationship between caregiver and child that will enable the long term developmental performance of the child to maximize. Experience shows that child and caregiver need to establish a natural rhythm, one to another, and that understanding, trust and caring are far more effective tools than any pre-designed curriculum. 

Research has demonstrated that it is the quality of child‑caregiver interaction that has the most direct effect on a child's development.  It is the positive and mutually rewarding interaction between caregiver and child that is likely to lead to the child's optimal development. It is within this framework and understanding that the Program operates.