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Family Support Services


Family Support Services are designed for the specific needs of children 3-5 years old who are experiencing challenges to their development and adaptive skills. Through individualized intervention services, typically 1-2 sessions per week, caregivers are supported in enhancing their child’s inclusion in everyday experiences both in the community and at home. As a child’s ability and desire to participate in everyday experiences increases, so does the opportunity for learning. Additionally, as inclusion in everyday experiences becomes increasingly successful further inclusion opportunities may present themselves. 


Our Developmental Consultants are experts in child development, developing relationships and in identifying opportunities to support parents in increasing learning opportunities for their children. As Developmental Specialists we are experts in supporting children and families in fostering healthy development. However, caregivers are experts in their own children. Developmental Consultants work with caregivers as partners to support a child’s movement through the crucial domains of child development to maximize the developmental potential of the child. It is the goal of home visits to combine professional expertise with caregiver expertise to design and enhance developmental experiences that maximize a child’s development.


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The community support aspect of Family Support Services focuses on helping the child access everyday experiences outside of the family’s home.

This can include going to the park, the library, shopping or other community activities that are important to the family.